Faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi keputusan menggunakan internet banking nasabah bank BRI di Surabaya

Novela Rizki Lestari, Basuki Rachmat


The purpose of this study was to examine the influence of perceived usefullness, perceived ease to use, and security concern toward decision to use internet banking to customers at Bank BRI Surabaya. This study used judgement sampling methods based on criteria of this research. Data were collected from 84 respondents who used internet banking services Bank BRI at Surabaya. The analysis method used in this study was multiple linear regression and using spss version 22.0. So, this study showed Perceived usefullness and perceived ease to use positive significantly influenced to customer’s decision to use, then security concerns is negative significantly influenced to customer’s deciosion to use internet banking Bank BRI at Surabaya.

Kata Kunci

Perceived usefullness; perceived ease to use; security concerns; decision to use; internet banking

DOI: 10.14414/jbb.v8i1.1003


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