Peer Review Process

The submitted manuscript is first reviewed by an editor. It will be evaluated in the office, whether it is suitable for The Journal of Business & Banking (JBB) focus and scope or has a major methodological flaw and similiarity score by using Turnitin.

Review Process:

  1. Author submit the manuscript
  2. Editor Evaluation [some manuscripts are rejected or returned before the review process]
  3. Blind peer review process by two reviewer
  4. Editor Decision
  5. Confirmation to the authors

In the process of publishing, all articles which are submitted always undergo blind reviewing. When the articles are received, they will be reviewed before they are sent to the reviewers, such as whether they are written based on the criteria such as complying with the stipulated format of writing style. When they are not complied with it, they will be sent back to the authors to revise the format. When the articles are already complied with it, they will soon be sent to the reviewers related to the field of the science or the scope. The reviewers will blindly review the articles based on the appropriateness of the topic, the relevance of the research method, the significance and contribution to the science and profession pertaining to economics, business, and accounting, as well as the proportion of the up-to-date references. The review is done by the blind reviewer team the independent reviewers. The reviewers have rights to select and judge the articles, and finally forward the results to the authors, either they are accepted or rejected with some comments.