Effect of commitment, trust and satisfaction of customer retention of honda motor products matic

Naldi Dwi Satriawan, Nadjib Usman


This study aimed to determine the effect of commitment, trust and customer retention partially or simultaneously. This research includes the development of research with reference to the journals and books that guide researchers. Determination of the subject is done by purposive sampling, which consisted of 30 respondents as sample determination ketch and added 59 respondents in order to meet a large sample used in accordance with the theory. Data collected by distributing questionnaires. This questionnaire is used to determine how much influence commitment, trust and satisfaction in influencing customer retention. Data were analyzed by descriptive quantitative.

The results showed that, trust and customer satisfaction partially significant effect on customer retention while partial commitment does not affect customer retention but commitment, trust and satisfaction simultaneously affect customer retention

Kata Kunci

Commitment, Trust, Satisfaction, Customer Retention

DOI: 10.14414/jbb.v8i1.1516


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