Pengaruh size dan beta terhadap return pada perusahaan kecil dan besar yang terdaftar di bursa efek indonesia periode 2010-2014

Y.S. Soefian Nur Hidayat, Sri Hasnawati, Ernie Hendrawaty


This study aims to find empirical evidence of the effect of size and beta on returns. The analytical method used in this study is descriptive and statistical analysis methods. This research was held in 2010-2014 with 953 public companies as its sample. The results of this study stated that the effect of size on stock returns is stronger in small companies than in large companies and the beta effect on stock returns is higher in small companies than in large companies. Based on these findings, large companies must be able to improve their performance so they can increase stock returns so that investors are interested in investing.


Bisnis, Business, Keuangan, Finance, Management, Manajemen, Ekonomi, Economic, economy



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