Risiko usaha, rentabilitas dan permodalan sebagai variabel anteseden kesehatan bank buku 3 dan buku 4 di Indonesia

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Banking world is inseparable from the competition of services, service offerings but also bank’s health scores, so banks are required to maintain their health scores. The purpose of this reseach was to know significantion analyze form that ratio IPR, LDR, IRR, PDN, NPL, BOPO, FBIR, NIM, ROA, and CAR has significant influence to bank’s health scores use RBBR metods. Population that wear in this research is BUKU 3 and BUKU 4 bank in Indonesia. The sample were selected used purposive sampling technique. This reseach use secondary data and data collection methods used documentation method. The type of research conducted in this research is causal research is analyzed using multiple linear regression analysis. Based on the result of the calculation and analysis before the result of the research hypotesis that the IPR, LDR, IRR, PDN, NPL, BOPO, FBIR, NIM, ROA dan CAR have significant effect for soudness score on BUKU 3 and BUKU 4 bank. IPR, IRR, NPL, FBIR, ROA and CAR has a negative effect not significant, LDR, PDN, and NIM has a positive effect not significant, BOPO has a negative effect and significant. Of the ten variables studied  BOPO has dominant influence that is equal 24,4 percent among ten other independent variables. Suggestions for bank sample in this research to maintain its operational risks, minimize operational costs and increase operating income so that the health score is increasing every year.


Business Risk, Profitability, Capital, Soundness Score, BUKU Bank.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14414/jbb.v8i1.1611


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