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Journal of Economics, Business, & Accountancy Ventura

Journal of Economics, Business, & Accountancy, Ventura (JEBAV) has its  mission of being one of the  leading journals in Economics, Business  and  Accountancy.  JEBAV is  a double blind peer-reviewed international journal with international members of editorial boards. The Journal has been published since 1999 with its ISSN, and in 2023, it was accredited by the Directorate of Higher Education (Dikti), Jakarta, with its accreditation No:  79/E/KPT/2023. It was  formerly issued  twice a year and since 2009 it has been issued quarterly, in (April-July), (August-November), and (December-March). This journal is published by The Research and Community Services (PPPM) STIE Perbanas Surabaya, collaborating with the Indonesian Institute of Accountants - Educator Accountants Compartment (IAI-KAPd) and Indonesian Management Forum (FMI).

The article submitted to this online journal will be peer-reviewed. The accepted articles will be available online (free download) following the journal peer-reviewing process. Language used in this journal is English. Journal of Economics, Business, and Accountancy Ventura (JEBAV), with registered number ISSN: 2087-3735, ISSN (online): 2088-785X. This Journal has been indexed by SINTA, Index Copernicus, DOAJ, Google Scholar, BASE, Microsoft Academic, Dimensions, Crossref Metadata (all articles have DOI number), GARUDA, ISJD, WorldCat.

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The Indonesian Accounting Review

  • The Indonesian Accounting Review serves as the journal that is devoted exclusively to accounting research. Its primary objective is to contribute to the expansion of knowledge related to the theory and practice of accounting with the perspective both nationally and globally, by facilitating the production and dissemination of academic research throughout the world. 

  • The Indonesian Accounting Review (TIAR) hopes to provide an interesting accounting journal for researchers, academics, practitioners, policy makers and post-graduate students, to share knowledge, exchange ideas and establish academic relationships.
    This journal seeks to bridge academic and professional audiences with articles that focus on accounting, broadly defined, and that provide insights pertinent to the accounting profession.

  • The scope of the journal covers all areas of accounting. To encourage the growth of Indonesian accounting research and practice, it is open to all approaches to research, including but not limited to analytical, archival, case study, conceptual, experimental, and survey methods

  • Contributors are invited in the areas including (but not limited to):
    1. Financial Accounting 
    2. Management Accounting
    3. Auditing 
    4. Accounting Information System & Technology
    5. Behavioral Accounting
    6. Corporate Governance
    7. Accounting Ethics
    8. Tax Accounting
    9. Public Sector Accounting 
    10. Social Accounting

  • The Indonesian Accounting Review has been in collaboration with IAI KAPd. TIAR has been accredited by the Directorate of Higher Education (Dikti), Jakarta, based on the accreditation No: 158/E/KPT/2021, with the accreditation status Sinta 2, by ARJUNA via Menristekdikti in August 8, 2019. It was  formerly issued  twice a year, in (January-June), and (July-December). This journal is published by The Research and Community Services at STIE Perbanas Surabaya, a college of business and banking, under the guidance of East Java Indonesia National Bank Association Foundation. The Indonesian Accounting Review (TIAR), with registered number ISSN: 2086-3802, ISSN (online): 2302-822X have been indexed in:

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Journal of Business & Banking

The Journal of Business & Banking (JBB) has been published since 2011 under the management of PPPM (Center for Research and Community Services) Sekolah Tingi Ilmu Ekonomi Perbanas Surabaya. The publication of this research journal aims to improve the research product quality, and channel all the interested parties in sharing and disseminating knowledge to academics, students, practitioners, and observers of knowledge. Articles that are accepted should be based on the results of research or the review of research articles for all topics, related to the fields of business and banking. The Journal of Business & Banking (JBB) collaboration with Indonesian Management Forum (FMI) and ISEI Cab. Surabaya Koord. JATIM.

The Journal of Business & Banking (JBB) is published twice a year, namely the edition of May-October and that of November-April. It was accredited by the Directorate of Higher Education (Dikti), Jakarta, with its accreditation No:  79/E/KPT/2023.

The selection criteria include the suitability of the topics or the journal focus, and the guidelines regarding the journal article writing stipulated by the journal of Business & Banking (JBB), the feasibility of the topic of discussion, the relevance of the research method used, the significance of contributions to the development of science and professions related to Business & Banking, and current business and banking development.

A review of the articles is done by blind review involving the related reviewers and they are independently to review the articles. The editors, however, have their rights to accept or reject the articles based on the results of the review by providing constructive comments to the authors.


The Journal of Business & Banking (JBB), with registered number ISSN: 2088-7841, ISSN (online): 2303-3460 have been indexed in:

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Jurnal KeDayMas: Kemitraan dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat

Journal Title

Jurnal KeDayMas: Kemitraan dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat

DOI PrefixPrefix 10.14414 by Crossref
Editor in ChiefDiah Ekaningtias
PublisherResearch Center and Community Services (PPPM) STIE Perbanas Surabaya
Frequency2 issues per year (January; July)
Citation AnalysisGoogle Scholar | Garuda

Jurnal KeDayMasKemitraan dan Pemberdayaan Masyarakat adalah jurnal peer-review dan terbuka yang menampung pengabdian dari kalangan praktisi, dosen maupun mahasiswa dengan karya inovatif dari berbagai disiplin ilmu pengetahuan.

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